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Where Community, Convenience, and Connectivity Weave the Ultimate Lifestyle.


Welcome to Riverfront Park, where the pulse of downtown living harmonizes with lush green spaces and a genuine sense of community. Once an abandoned rail yard, Riverfront Park has transformed into a thriving urban sanctuary. This revitalized area has redefined city living, expertly blending nature with urban sophistication. Framed by Denver’s stunning skyline and the majestic Rockies, this master-planned neighborhood offers a residential experience right in the city's heart. It's where residents and visitors feel at home, enjoying the perfect mix of natural beauty and modern living.


Riverfront Park is perfectly positioned within Denver, offering residents a prime location nuzzled between some of the city's chicest neighborhoods like LoDo, RiNo, and LoHi. This area provides effortless access to the city's variety of locales. Adjacent to the expansive Commons Park, it is a gateway to the Highland Arch Bridge, linking Riverfront Park to Platte Street and the bustling LoHi neighborhood. Additionally, the Millennium Bridge offers a direct path to Union Station, where the RTD easily whisks you away to the airport or down south. This strategic location ensures that Riverfront Park is the ideal home base for exploring urban hotspots or enjoying the local community vibe.


As you delve deeper into the neighborhood, Riverfront Park features an array of sophisticated housing options that cater to modern tastes while exuding urban elegance. Stroll through the neighborhood, and you'll find refined brownstones that blend classic charm and contemporary design. Penthouse and loft-style condos offer sleek, open-concept living spaces with stunning views of the city skyline and the Rockies. This architectural variety adds to the visual appeal and meets diverse lifestyle needs. Riverfront Park's commitment to sustainable and inclusive urban living was recognized in 2011 with the prestigious ULI Award of Excellence in the Americas, highlighting its role as a forward-thinking, sustainable, and inclusive community in the heart of Denver.


Riverfront Park is filled with endless conveniences that cater to a wide range of tastes and lifestyles. Within the neighborhood, you'll find a myriad of restaurants and bars offering diverse culinary experiences and social scenes. Just a short walk away, the areas of LoDo, Platte Street, and LoHi expand your options even further. Whether you’re in the mood for a gourmet meal, a casual bite, or craft cocktails, these nearby hotspots have it all. Additionally, Riverfront Park's proximity to green spaces, bike trails, and cultural venues ensures there's always something to do. Riverfront Park provides an exceptional living experience, from dining and nightlife to outdoor recreation. Riverfront Park's living experience is exceptional, flawlessly combining leisure and practicality. This is further enriched by easy access to essential amenities, including a flagship Whole Foods and a King Soopers, both located just minutes away to satisfy all your daily needs.


Step outside to Riverfront Park’s plaza and immerse yourself in its lively atmosphere as you head to the local eateries at your doorstep. Start your morning with a latte and a delicious breakfast from Hello Darling. In the evening, savor some takeout from Menya Ramen and Poke on your way home. For a variety of dining experiences, stroll down to Platte Street and indulge in omakase at Sushi Sasa, enjoy the bold flavors of Daughter Thai Kitchen and Bar, or relish cucumber sandwiches at Babes Tea Room. Don’t miss the Atomic Pie at Proto's Pizza, treat yourself to hand-crafted waffle cones at Inside Scoop Creamery, or enjoy a classic burger at My Brother’s Bar, a Denver institution. Just across the bridges in every direction, you’ll find endless options, from the delightfully elegant happy hour and Italian delicacies at Tavernetta to martinis and oysters at Jax, or eclectic plates at Linger. Riverfront Park places the best of Denver’s culinary scene right at your fingertips.


After enjoying a range of delicious meals in and around Riverfront Park, the excitement of the area’s nightlife invites you to explore further. Although Riverfront Park itself is more subdued at night, it’s uniquely positioned at the hub of surrounding neighborhoods brimming with entertainment options. Begin your evening with a classic martini at The Cruise Room, an art deco-inspired jewel tucked away in the iconic Oxford Hotel. If you're keen to experience local culture, venture over to Forest Room Five, where Denver’s hip crowd gathers amid quirky, nature-themed decor. Don’t forget to check out the various rooftop bars that offer panoramic views of the Denver skyline, providing a perfect backdrop for an unforgettable night. As Riverfront Park serves as your gateway, the vibrant nightlife of nearby districts unfolds just moments away.


As the evening fades and the energizing nightlife of nearby districts captivates your senses, the natural beauty of Riverfront Park awaits to refresh and rejuvenate. By day, this verdant gateway transforms into an idyllic retreat. Just steps from the bustling plaza, Commons Park stretches across 19 acres of meticulously landscaped greenery, inviting you to shift gears and indulge in its tranquil atmosphere. Here, panoramic views of the Denver skyline create a picturesque backdrop for a day spent outdoors—whether you're jogging along its winding pathways, relaxing on a hilltop with a picnic, or simply soaking in the serene surroundings. Additionally, the summer months breathe extra life into the park, as it becomes a bustling hub of community events and outdoor entertainment, proving that Riverfront Park truly offers the best of both worlds.


Further enhancing the area's appeal, the epic Denver Skatepark occupies a 60,000-square-foot area tucked between Cuernavaca Park to the north and Commons Park to the south. This renowned skatepark invites skateboarders, bladers, and bikers of all skill levels to explore its diverse street and vertical features.


Just a short walk away, Confluence Park marks the South Platte River and Cherry Creek convergence. This picturesque spot is a favorite among kayakers navigating the gentle rapids course and city dwellers looking for a peaceful escape by the water's edge. From this junction, trails extend along both Cherry Creek and the South Platte River, inviting adventurers to explore. Riverfront Park offers easy access to these interconnected trails, providing an ideal starting point for cyclists and runners eager to explore Denver’s scenic vista.


Riverfront Park embodies a distinctive way of life, a place where the threads of community, convenience, and connectivity weave the ultimate lifestyle. Here, evenings are spent savoring martinis in the glowing ambiance of well-designed bars, and days unfold with casual encounters among the city’s trendsetters. Whether you’re jogging through lush landscapes or simply soaking in the atmosphere, Riverfront Park isn’t just a stunning backdrop for your life—it’s the quintessential place to make your own.


  • Cool off and have some fun: by renting kayaks, bucket rafts, and tubes from Confluence Kayaks—an adventure just waiting to happen on the South Platte River!
  • Stroll from the doorstep of your Riverfront Park home: to discover some of Denver's most iconic attractions, including the Museum of Contemporary Art, Union Station, Larimer Square, Denver Performing Arts Center, Elitch Gardens, Coors Field, Ball Arena, the Denver Aquarium, and the Children's Museum
  • Relax in the summer sun: at Commons Park for live tunes during Summer Sessions, feast on local delights at the Riverfront Food Truck Summer, and dance your heart out at Crosscurrents, a live music extravaganza at Confluence Park
  • Spice up your workout routine: by hitting the Riverfront Athletic Club, Boost Pilates, or Solidcore, or take your fitness outdoors with a refreshing session in Commons Park
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