new pbs building

Photo courtesy of Rocky Mountain PBS

One thing I love about Denver is that we are constantly becoming cooler!  The newest building to become so much cooler could be the new PBS building.  Right now it’s located at 11th and Bannock in the Golden Triangle.  The building is pretty non-descript and gray, and blends in with the sidewalk. 

This month, Rocky Mountain PBS celebrates its 60th anniversary, which is just awesome.  An exhibit at the Denver Central Library will be up through March to celebrate the broadcasting station.  Located in the Gates Reading Room on the fifth level, the exhibit includes studio equipment, photographs, puppets (COOL), and Mrs. Big Bird (EVEN COOLER).  The showcase will officially end on March 31.

PBS is also announcing their plan to embark on a $30 million capital campaign to build a new headquarters at 21st and Arapahoe.  They’d like to do a mixed-use project there, with Rocky Mountain PBS as the anchor.  They’re hoping to sell the current building and lease it back, gaining roughly $1.5 million at the impending June closing.  The other building is still two to three years out, but this is a good start.  The plan still requires city approval, which we all know could add at least six months onto the project, and they’ll need to figure out exactly what will be in the mixed use development, other than PBS.  The rendering is very, very cool, and whatever goes there will be such a great improvement for the neighborhood!

Arapahoe Square is definitely considered an “up and coming” area in Denver.  It’s one of those places that isn’t quite off the beaten path, but isn’t exactly traversed a lot, either.  It was cleared of many of its buildings in the 1970’s and 1980’s to make room for parking for office workers.  It never really evolved from that, and is still pretty “gritty” today.  However, Arapahoe Square is attractive to development in Denver because of its lack of buildings.  It’s close to the light rail and downtown, so it’s definitely in line for a redevelopment.  Surrounded by Ballpark, Five Points, Uptown, and Central Downtown, the neighborhood is prime for real estate.

By: Liz Richards

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