What You Need to Know About The Art Hotel in Denver, Colorado

What You Need to Know About The Art Hotel in Denver, Colorado
The Art Hotel
Photo courtesy of JC Buck

If you read the blog (of course you read the blog) then you’d know what a huge fan I am of the Denver Art Museum (DAM).  I believe that the Golden Triangle is one of Denver’s coolest neighborhoods, especially if you’re an art lover or enthusiast.  This neighborhood features awesome restaurants, like Dazzle, Gallo Di Nero, Charcoal, and Cuba Cuba.  In addition to the DAM (stay tuned, we’ll talk about this in a second), you can experience art any day of the week.  There’s the Clyfford Still Museum, a modern art collection of Still’s work curated by his wife.  The History Colorado Center, an interactive  museum of Colorado’s history that provides focused exhibits on specific times in our state’s past.  The galleries are where the personality of the Golden Triangle really shines through.  Walker Fine Art features varying exhibits and collections for about a month each; it brings in incredible artists, and the gallery is not one to miss.  Of course, the mother of all art museums is THE Denver Art Museum.  Right now, it has many summer-themed exhibits as well as always featuring a great variety of in-house exhibits.  Long story short, the Golden Triangle is a super cool neighborhood.

Adding to its coolness comes The Art!  Right next to DAM, at 1201 Broadway, sits Denver’s newest and unarguably coolest hotel.  Everything about this hotel is awesome.  The lobby features a 22,000-light installation by Leo Villareal, and as you check in, you are surrounded by art by Ed Ruscha, Nancy Rubins, Deborah Butterfield, and Kiki Smith on a huge terrace overlooking the city.  

Art surrounds you through the hallways and rooms, curated by DAM’s curators.  Dianne Vanderlip, a longtime Denver Art Museum conservator, curated the Portico Gallery.  Art literally surrounds you at every point in this hotel, which is not at all surprising, but still very cool.  There are massive installations, such as a 7’ bronze horse (named Otter) outside of The Living Room lounge, and a giant silkscreen print of the Eight Soups by Jon Baldessari inside the Living Room.  Everywhere you look there’s art – done well. The Art hotel’s guest rooms are simple, sleek, modern, and decked in artwork.  The giant windows let in a lot of natural light, and the views are either of Denver or the mountains, so you can’t go wrong in any room.

You know us, we’re mostly just here for the food…and the Art surely does not disappoint.  FIRE is the main restaurant in The Art, on the fourth floor over looking the city.  Everything is well thought-out here, from breakfast to late-night room service. The FIRE Lounge is the “hotel bar”, but very beautiful thanks to a large glass vitrine that separates the Lounge from the restaurant.  The Terrace features a patio on the fourth floor overlooking Broadway and the city, so it certainly wouldn’t be complete without a fire pit!  The menu features small bites, skewers, and small deserts.  Everything plays off of the “fire” theme and looks absolutely delicious.  Finally, there’s The Living Room, The Art’s small, cozy lounge area with cushy couches, high tables, and big TV’s; perfect place to watch a Broncos game (I’m told).

This is such a cool addition to not only the Golden Triangle, but Denver in general.  We have a bunch of boutique hotels and our fair share of larger hotels, but not many that seep  this level of coolness.  This, thankfully, has filled that niche!

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