What You Can Expect From The New Lumina Apartment Complex in the Highlands

image courtesy of Lumina/Facebook

image courtesy of Lumina/Facebook

A long, long time ago, a Highlands staple, Pagliacci’s, closed its doors after 66 years to make way for a new apartment complex, Lumina.  Many long-time Highlanders were not happy about this and mourned the loss of such an authentic Italian staple at 33rd and Navajo.   However, Lumina hopes to pull the community together at this “Low-LoHi” location and thrive.  Brought to you from architect Michael Moore of Tres Birds Workshop and developed by Treehouse Denver Brokerage and Development, Lumina is a sustainable 61-unit apartment complex with ground floor retail space, which will quite possibly hold a wine and spirits shop, a nail salon, and a restaurant. 

Moore saw a problem with the fact that much of this building is west-facing, and as we Coloradoans know, west-facing windows heat up a house like no other.  So what do you do? Moore came up with a solution, which was to add giant, moveable blinds to the exterior of the building.  This way, residents can close their blinds without completely cutting off the light in their home.  This will cut down on a massive amount of energy usage in the summer; they’ve estimated by at least half.  The interior of Lumina was designed to mimic the Guggenheim’s atrium, with four floors of sky-lit mezzanine unit entries that overlook a garden in the center.  Lumina is one of the first apartment complexes in Denver to focus on sustainability, energy-efficiency, and design.  It opens this Thursday, May 14, and we can’t wait to see it!  Now onto the food…

Which new restaurant was going in to Lumina was a question for LoHi residents for a while, and we have an answer!  There!

There’s your answer!  There you go!  Right There.  No really…the restaurant’s name is There.  There comes to us from Enrique Margulis, Andrew Tyler, and Orin Cohen.  They originally opened in Telluride in 2011 and now they’re bringing their laid-back vibe to LoHi.  They have a particular service model in that they want each server to be a “bartender”, because bartenders are often times friendlier, and you spend more time talking to them than you do your server.  They want to play upon the fact that there’s a different sort of relationship that you build with a bartender while you’re being served.  I think this will be a fantastic approach for a restaurant connected to a community, as communities like this seem to beg for neighborhood-type restaurants (doesn’t everyone want to go to a place where someone knows their name?).

Right now, they plan to focus on dinner and brunch in the 2,300 sq.ft. space below Lumina.  It’s still in construction, but set to open in July.  They will feature an open kitchen, an omakase table, and a large bar.  The environment is set to be warm and casual, with contrasts like wood and steel, hard lines and soft fabrics.  Sounds like it’ll be as appealing to the eyes as it will be to the taste buds, which is what Chef Ben Knaus is in charge of!  He’s designing small plates and shareable entrees, another element that invites coziness to a restaurant experience.  The type of cuisine they’re thinking of is diverse; the menu in Telluride combines French, Spanish, and Japanese cuisine.  We can’t wait to see what he comes up with here…or There. ;)

Also in the space, but next door, they’ll open Server Market, a grab-and-go market.  They’ll serve house-made sauces, preserves, juices, basic groceries, etc.  Fantastic, right?  I hate when I get home from the grocery store and I’ve forgotten a staple, like eggs.

There sounds like it will be a truly awesome addition to this part of the neighborhood.  It’s sure not a red-sauce Italian restaurant like Pagliacci’s, but There is planning on being a new type of neighborhood staple!

And really…how fun will it be to say, “Where do you want to go for dinner?” “Let’s go There.”  “Where?” “There!”  Seriously.

By: Liz Richards

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