Valentine’s Day-Date Ideas for Denver, Colorado

Valentine’s Day-Date Ideas for Denver, Colorado
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Well, it’s February and you know what that means: CONSTANT VALENTINE’S DAY EVERYTHING!  If you have plans, good for you.  If you don’t, then you’re reading the right blog because we’re here to plan out your day-date since you’re hard-pressed to secure reservations anywhere this close to the big day.  So grab your significant other or a good friend and have an awesome day!

To Start: Brunch

To start the day off right, head over to Steuben’s for a Bloody, Bacon Bloody, or (depending on how Valentine’s Day Eve was) the Corpse Reviver II.  I’m a huge fan of pretty much everything at Steuben’s so you really can’t go wrong with whatever you order.  A couple of my favorites: the Bennys and Chilaquiles; both are fantastic options. Steuben’s is great at taking food staples and making them extra special.

After Brunch: Botanic Gardens 

Getting someone flowers on Valentine’s Day is cliché (although I love getting flowers and I give them quite often), but what is not cliché is taking someone to SEE lots of flowers!  Right now, the Botanic Gardens is exhibiting its Orchid Showcase; what could be better than seeing hundreds of orchids in bloom? Be sure to check out the orchid tree and the begonias.  The Botanic Gardens’ website has a navigator that shows current flowers in bloom, which is a great tool for touring the park.

After Brunch Alternative: Clyfford Still Museum

In the heart of the Golden Triangle sits the Clyfford Still Museum, which would be a great alternative to the Botanic Gardens, especially if Colorado is having a snowstorm.  This museum has quite a unique story that would be interesting for you and your date to know.  Clyfford Still was one of the first abstract expressionist artists immediately following World War II.  He died in 1980 and his estate was sealed.  His will stipulated that the estate would be given to a city that was willing to establish a permanent home for his work.  His wife, Patricia Still, selected Denver.  The museum includes about 3,125 works created between 1920 and 1980.  Right now it’s featuring the “Up/Down?” collection.  The paintings in this collection are still a bit of a mystery to all.  They have interesting back-stories and the orientation of some of them is up to interpretation.  If you’re looking for a fun afternoon perusing a gallery and discussing the meaning of these paintings, this museum is calling your name.

Late Afternoon: Ice Cream or a Drink at Union Station

There is something so romantic about Union Station.  I think it’s the old-world charm and the nostalgia of what Union Station was in the old days.  I love spending time there – anywhere.  It would be a great place to end the day on any sort of date.  What’s wonderful about Union Station is that you have options!  Get a cup of coffee from Pigtrain Coffee and hang out in the terminal, people watching.  Or take your cup of joe over to the Tattered Cover and browse the latest releases.

Perhaps sharing a cup or cone (or pint, in my case) of Little Man Ice Cream is the ticket.  If Saturday is a nice Denver day, take your ice cream outside and bask in the sun.  Maybe you’ll want to make a reservation (remember to do this ahead of time) at the Cooper Lounge and settle into one of their big, comfy chairs to relax and talk about your favorite part of the day with an expertly crafted cocktail while you watch the sun go down.  You can even order a few snacks or appetizers from Stoic and Genuine.  Lastly, you can head to the Terminal Bar and grab a quick drink while you end the day with shuffleboard in the Great Hall.  There are so many options in Union Station, you’re bound to find something great to end your Valentine’s Day Date!

After Union Station: Home Sweet Home

The good news is that there are plenty of romantic (and horror) movies on TV on Valentine’s Day, so it’s the perfect night to cuddle up on the couch with your favorite furry friend and enjoy Valentine’s Day night in the comfort of your home. Have a good one, whatever you decide to do!

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