Top 5 Home Design Mistakes To Avoid

Top 5 Home Design Mistakes To Avoid
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Thanks to HGTV, everyone has become a design/reno/construction expert.  Ok, that’s a little snide of me, but really, it’s kind of true.  Improvements like paint, stain, interior features, etc. are all well within the hands of a homeowner.  It becomes a problem when homeowners get in above their well-meaning heads and try to take on a whole bathroom in a weekend. 

What HGTV has done for homebuyers is empowered them to take matters into their own hands and do their own renovations.  There is nothing more that a brand new homebuyer wants than to get their hands dirty in a home they bought and feel good about their sweat equity.  I’ve seen a few homes in my day, and I can tell you that homeowner pride makes all the difference in the beauty of a home.

So, here I am to talk to you about some design mistakes that a lot of people make when they’re renovating a home.  This article is from Realtor® Mag and I think it’s a really good one to keep in mind for your upcoming renovations!

Design Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make:

  1. Granite – granite is dated. It used to be the “thing” for homes.  It’s pretty, I know.  I get it.  But let’s go with Quartz countertops from here on out, ok?  Quartz looks cleaner, it’s pretty, and all new construction builders are using it in their homes.
  2. Ceilings – paint them white. Or a pretty pattern that goes with the theme of the room.  But don’t go over the top – don’t do a pattern just to do a pattern.  What does look nice are wooden beams in a tall ceiling, or a wide, square pattern in an office or dining room.
  3. Owner’s Entrance – often a mud room or laundry room off the garage. People with kids really like these because it’s a good place to dump all of your stuff as you come into the house.  Don’t make this space too small or too cramped.  It will turn people away, as they’re looking for places to put a lot of stuff because people have lots of stuff.
  4. Oversized Islands – don’t make them too big! A long island is okay, as long as it fits the room, but a wide island makes the space in the middle just useless.  A long island makes a statement; a wide island is just wasted space.
  5. Pantry Doors – For not that much more, you can get a cool frosted glass door that would be way prettier than a builder-grade six-panel door that looks like a closet.

These are just a few things that make a big impact on a home’s charm and character.  Hope these tips help – good luck out there, homeowners, and contact us for more tips to prepare your home for a great sell!

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