Photo Courtesy of USA Pro Cycling Challenge

Photo Courtesy of USA Pro Cycling Challenge

You all know I’m nuts about cycling!  There is nothing better than cruising down a mountain with the wind behind you and gorgeous mountains in front of you (check me out on Instagram if you doubt this).  I try to do at least one or two cycling events every summer because the cycling in Colorado is the absolute best.  Prepare yourselves, because this probably definitely won’t be the only cycling blog post you see this year.

This next little bit of news is pretty awesome for the ladies.  The inaugural Women’s USA Pro Challenge is coming to Colorado!  It will run in conjunction with the men’s Pro Challenge.  Usually the women’s Pro Challenge uses a different course, or is at a different time than the men’s, so we ladies usually watch both at different times.  Now though, we’ll watch them together (and not-so-quietly) cheer our ladies on!

The women will race on parts of the men’s racecourse, and will race for the same winnings as the men;  this is the first time since 1988 that the men and women will be sharing the same courses in Colorado.  The women competing will include top national cyclists and Olympians, who will be there by invitation only, so this is going to be very exciting to watch. Boulder resident (and invitee) Mara Abbott made the announcement on March 31.  The Men’s Pro Challenge finished up at Flagstaff one year, which was two blocks from the home she grew up in. This was rough for her because she couldn’t compete.  I imagine that getting to make this announcement was pretty damn satisfying!

Women’s cycling advocates consider this to be a huge step for cycling equality.  Some of the world’s best cyclists are from the United States, particularly from Colorado.  This will showcase women and cycling in Colorado, and give us national attention.  SO exciting!

The race details are still being finalized, but we do know that it will start in Breckenridge on August 21st.  From there they will head to Fort Collins on August 22nd, and finish up in Golden on August 23rd.  It seems that the women will finish their race before the men finish theirs, which is pretty cool because really, the ending is the most exciting part.

I could not be more excited about this, and I hope you are too. What an incredible even to come to our already awesome state!

For more information, please check out: http://www.usaprocyclingchallenge.com/news/womens-usa-pro-challenge

By: Liz Richards

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