image courtesy of The Big Wonderful/Facebook

image courtesy of The Big Wonderful/Facebook

I don’t know about you, but when I’m driving through Curtis Park and see a giant 3D “Wonderful” in the middle of a field, I have to do some research to see what in the world it is.  I mean, this isn’t something that you normally see on every city block.  Well, turns out it’s called The Big Wonderful, and it became a community staple last summer in Curtis Park.  It featured food, entertainment, and local shopping every week, similar to a farmer’s market, but (don’t get offended, farmer’s market enthusiasts) cooler. 

Last year The Big Wonderful had craft beer vendors, various food trucks, live music, local shop vendors, an urban farm, beach volleyball (AWESOME), cornhole, a small dog park, and basically everything else you could want.  The craft beer vendors specifically have a super cool craft beer garden built out of a storage container.  What’s featured changes on a weekly basis, and vendors need to register and apply to be there.

The food truck scene is particularly out of control, with a list on the website that is too long to summarize.  In fact, a few food trucks have kicked off their careers at The Big Wonderful.  Fume Gras, Limon Cello, and La Chiva Truck, all got their start there, and I’m sure that list will grow substantially this year.  The food trucks sell everything from street food to salsa to dried sausage to whole bean coffee.  I will splurge and try Mobile Meltz first when I visit, right before I try Sweetiepies!

The goods and services area is seriously impressive with local vendors from all over Colorado with all different types of things to sell.  Knotty Tie, Garrett Brown Designs, Grown Flower Shop, and Rikkis Tropicals look especially fun.  You know Harlow is going to be sporting some pretty sweet goods from Peace Dogs!

On the live stage, starting on May 2nd, Rob Drabkin, Highland Ramblers, Hilltop Harvest & Gypsy Cattle, and Drive will be performing.  On May 5th, Jon Wayne and the Pain, The Workshy, and Hamhock will be the live entertainment.  There are bands scheduled all the way through August 22nd, but as of this writing, there is an opening in case your local band wants a Saturday afternoon venue.

The first Big Wonderful of the season kicks off on Saturday, May 2nd, and the weekly event takes place at 26th and Lawrence on Saturdays from noon to 7:30pm.  Hope to see you there!

By: Liz Richards

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