The Benefits of Owning a Live/Work Space!

Properties, such as 566 Inca Street in Denver, show the many benefits of owning a live/work space. Small start-up companies and entrepreneurs can especially benefit from owning a space that can be used as both their home and office.

The top 3 reasons to own a Live/Work space:

1. Affordable office space. When starting a new business, adding another monthly mortgage or rent payment might not be in your budget. Owing a property that allows you to live and work in the space can save you from paying two separate rent checks along with saving you on the costs of gas, parking, and any other commuting fees that come from working outside of your home.

2. Being surrounded by other professionals. One of the most important things when staring a new business is networking. By living in an area like the one at 566 Inca Street, you will be surrounded by other businesses. This gives you an opportunity to meet and talk with other professionals in the area to get their insights and tips. Working with the other businesses also gives you the opportunity to share marketing costs and cross-promote.

3. Additional income. Even if you’re not ready to start your own business yet, owing a live/work space is an easy way to make a little extra income by renting it out to other business owners. Many business owners are looking to move into live/work spaces and if you are fortunate to own one, you can easily find renters to occupy the space.

Becoming an independent business owner and entrepreneur can be a very rewarding career and finding a place that suits your lifestyle and business, while helping you save money can be the opportunity you need to start that business.

For more benefits and information about live/work spaces, please see the article at: http://ohmyapt.apartmentratings.com/5-benefits-of-live-work-lofts.html

For more information on 566 Inca Street, please visit us at: http://www.lizrichardsrealestate.com/566_Inca_St.html

By: Liz Richards

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