1. Energy, enthusiasm, and tenacity. . . I love what I do!
  2. I have extensive knowledge of architecture and home remodeling. I can help a Buyer see the full potential of a home. Having completed many successful remodeling projects, I can guide a home buyer/seller in what improvements are worth while and what improvements are unnecessary.
  3. I am an expert on Denver. I know the area. I live in Denver. My friends, relatives, and clients are sprinkled all around Denver, residing in Country Club, Cheesman Park, Congress Park, Capitol Hill, Cherry Creek, City Park, Baker, Harvard Gulch, Park Hill, Platt Park, Montrose, Mayfair, Potter´s Highlands, East Highlands, Sloan´s Lake, Sunny Side, The Golden Triangle, LODO, and Alamo Placita, to name a few.
  4. I know homes. I can justify to Buyers and appraisers why your home is worth the ambitious price I get for my listings.
  5. I work in the third top firm in Denver. Kentwood City Properties is located downtown and is on the cutting edge with real estate marketing, development, and progress. See www.KentwoodCity.com for details.
  6. I know who is looking for homes in this area, what they want, and when to call them. I’m involved in several networking groups, so marketing your home and getting “the word out” are second nature.
  7. I have extensive training in the corporate realm which has provided me with acute negotiating skills, attentive customer service abilities, and creative problem solving know-how.
  8. I know which lenders and appraisers do as they promise and which to avoid.
  9. I strive to make the home buying and/or selling process as stress free as possible. I carefully oversee the entire process, not just until the contract has been signed, but through the home inspection, the appraisal, the title search, the loan approval and even after the last paper is signed.
  10. I will treat your current and/or future home with the same respect I treat my own home.
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