St. Anthony’s Redevelopment is on the Up and Up!

St. Anthony’s Redevelopment is on the Up and Up!

We have been hearing all sorts of information about the new St. Anthony’s redevelopment.  Located between Colfax, Stuart, 17th, and Perry, the old building has been demolished, save for a few structures that are going to stay as part of the new plan.  We know that there will be an Alamo Drafthouse, the first large anchor store to announce its intentions to move there.  We also know that the 16th Ave. Chapel will stay and be part of a park, and that they’re keeping the parking garage and the “Kulhman” building.  What we don’t know (yet), is what kind of housing will be there.

Recently there has been news of condos coming to the St. Anthony’s redevelopment.  Denver developers Trevor Hines and Brian Levitt have proposed a 16-story, energy-efficient condo tower that overlooks Sloan’s Lake.  Looking north at Sloan’s Lake gives you a gorgeous mountain view to the west and Denver’s skyline to the east.  Honestly, how could a view be better?  It can’t.

This Houston-based developer knows his stuff – son of Gerald Hines of Hines Real Estate Firm, which has produced remarkable buildings as the EDF tower in Paris, the Williams Tower in Houston, and the Shell Tower in Houston.  Hines has worked with architects I.M. Pei, Frank Gehry, and Philip Johnson, to name a few.  It goes without saying, but it will be said anyway, that a building designed and developed by Hines will be quite a sight.  Alongside Hines will be Brian Levitt, who is responsible for the development of the Northfield Shopping Center and Forest City StapletonRNL would design the building in “Block 1” of the hospital redevelopment area.  This would require a zoning change, which may push construction back a ways.

There aren’t many condominium developments in Denver at the moment.  Townhome developments are extremely popular right now, but this would be only one of three developments around.  In a market that is favoring townhomes, this will be great for people who like high-rise living.

This proposed condo development would have 224 units with only 26 of them being townhomes.  The advantage of townhomes is that they allow their residents to be high enough for views, yet they do not block anyone else’s view.  The problem with a 16-story structure is that, while it gives gorgeous views to its residents, it blocks others’ line of sight.  That was the issue presented by the neighbors attending a community meeting about this proposal.  To remedy this, the developers are proposing that the buildings get larger as they move farther from Sloan’s Lake.  So the condo community right by the lake would be about 16 stories, and the building in the future Block 2 could be 20 stories.

Another consideration is where the shadows from these buildings would fall.  With cascading tower heights, the developers have found that no shadows would fall on Sloan’s lake or any existing single-family houses around.

800 – 900 units have been proposed, possibly around 1000 sq.ft. each.  The building would most likely include an “amenities floor”, with a swimming pool, a workout room, and other amenities that condos usually have.  This could be built sooner than later, as it seems to be gaining a lot of popularity from people who want to move just out of the city, but who still want a view of downtown Denver.

All of this is, of course, is in the predevelopment stage.  This condo development could bring so much attention to the beauty that is Sloan’s Lake!

Photos by JC Buck

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