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The Downtown Denver Partnership released a new research report, Downtown Denver: A Magnet for the Future Workforce, last week at the 2012 Rocky Mountain West Urban Leadership Symposium in Denver. Details of city building efforts- including amenities, transportation infrastructure, educated population, residential growth, innovation and entrepreneurship, and emerging green economy-that make the urban core of the Mile High City an attractive spot for a new generation of workers are outlined in this report. The strengths and opportunities for Downtown Denver are also discussed in this report.

Our city’s long term commitment to comprehensive and collaborative planning strengthens our position to reap economic benefits of the millennial generation. In recent reports by the Brookings Institution analyzing U.S. Census Bureau data notes, “To the extent they are moving at, all young adults are headed to metro areas which are known to have a certain vibe like college towns, high tech centers, and so-called ‘cool cities’.” These “cool cities” are places where it is easier to consume less and live more sustainably. They are places with transportation infrastructure, an educated population, and innovative business climates. Brookings has named Denver the number one most attractive city in the entire country for young people or the future workforce to live and work.

Employers are recognizing on a national scale that the millennial generation is more likely to choose to live and work in or near an urban center. Mountains and oceans have become secondary to downtown locations or proximity to downtown locations. Strategically minded companies are leveraging downtown locations or closeness too these locations as way to attract candidates. This is important to the economy because this means that downtown locations will continue to be a hub for infrastructure and growth.

The Downtown Denver Partnership, Inc is a non profit business organization that creatively plans, manages and develops Downtown Denver as unique, diverse, vibrant and economically healthy urban core of the Rocky Mountain region. For more info, visit www.DowntownDenver.com

By: Liz Richards

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