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Eater recently published a list of new restaurant openings in Denver, and there were so many of them in LoHi that I needed to blog about it!  LoHi continues to grow, and it only seems to be growing more rapidly these days. I think it’s because there is so much room to grow into; there are so many untapped, old buildings around that are begging to be made cool again. Very cool.  Here are a few new ones you’ll need to check out:

Recess – 2715 17th St. Opening: March

Honestly, I’m kind of surprised that there aren’t more restaurants named “Recess.”  Wasn’t recess your favorite part of elementary school?  Why not have it be your favorite part of adulthood, too?  I’m sure that’s what William Frankland and Owen Olson are going for with their concept.  Opening in the same building as Postino, Recess will open in March with an outdoor space and a small food menu featuring local ingredients (as well as some non-local).  Its outdoor space will have tables, fire pits, and lots of greenery; however, I think they’re missing the boat not offering four square and hopscotch. ;)

Habit Doughnuts and Carbon Coffee – 1553 Platte St. Opening: Early Spring

Two different concepts, same ownership, same building.  Located in the old Paris on the Platte building, Habit Doughnuts and Carbon Coffee, brought to you by Lisa Ruskaup, will fill the space nicely.  Paris on the Platte was successful for a long time, so another coffee shop probably will be, too.  Habit Doughnuts will be a premium, pastry-chef operated doughnut and coffee shop.  Carbon Coffee is going to be a coffee/wine/cocktail bar with brunch, sandwiches, saladsm and small plates.  I think this will be a pretty good addition to this building that is definitely feeling the hole that Paris on the Platte has left!

The Occidental – 1950 W. 32nd Ave.  Opening: May

From Sean Kenyon and Todd Colehour of Williams & Graham, comes a more casual restaurant. Sean Kenyon just received the American Bartender of the Year award, so a speakeasy coming from him is one I’m going to be sure to check out!  The menu will be small and uncomplicated, with one specialized drink per major spirit.  The restaurant will also offer boutique wines, and about eight craft beers, including one beer on tap. I haven’t seen anything about the amount or kinds of food offered yet, but I imagine it’ll be minimalistic, yet special, just like the drink menu.

Spanish Concept Yet-To-Be-Named From Justin Cucci” – 2930 Umatilla St. Opening: Late Summer

Justin Cucci, chef and restauranteur responsible for Linger and Root Down, is slated to open a “Spanish Concept” at 2930 Umatilla, around the block from his hit LoHi restaurants.  He had plans to open Mizu in the same building, which was supposed to be a “contemporary Japanese sushi bar”, but Cucci and the development group for the new building decided to part ways.  Well, he’s back in the building because really, it’s a pretty amazing location.  This restaurant will be located on the fifth floor, over looking downtown.  It’s scheduled to open in the late spring, and I can’t wait to see what the menu is like!

There you have it, folks. Any new restaurants you’re looking forward to that we missed? Be sure to let us know!

By: Liz Richards

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