A New Hotel for LoHi?

A New Hotel for LoHi?
Photo courtesy of JC Buck

LoHi is my favorite neighborhood because it literally has everything, or almost everything.  We have amazing restaurants, a cool mixture of different types of housing, eclectic shops, but no super-cool hotels.  Until I read this article from the Denver Post, I didn’t actually realize that there were no hotels.  Now that I know this it seems like there’s a gaping lack-of-hotel hole in LoHi.  

Good news!  A local developer has proposed a small hotel to go in at 2525 16th St.  Right now, this block is not very attractive, and it’s prime real estate since it has amazing city views.  It’s in a small pocket of LoHi that’s fairly under-used at the moment, but it’s far enough back from the street that you shouldn’t get a lot of traffic pollution or sound.

Semple Brown Design is the architect, and based in Denver.  As of now, the firm is projecting an opening for the spring or summer of 2018. Like the rest of LoHi, it will probably have an awesome restaurant, a pool with views, and some sort of retail.

The hotel will be part of Starwood Hotels Tribute Portfolio, and they already have Denver on their “coming soon” section of the website.  All Tribute Portfolio hotels have a distinct style to them, and this one will have a “distinct Denver” feel.  They’re all independent hotels, which is very cool.  LoHi needs something unique, because it’s such a unique neighborhood.  The site is zoned for commercial mixed- use up to five stories, so the hotel will command all five stories; enough to make a presence, but not enough to feel monstrous.

They’ll announce a name and theme when the hotel gets closer to breaking ground.  Right now they haven’t even submitted plans to the city, so who knows how long that could take.  This is super exciting for the neighborhood.  It continues to show just how vibrant and lively LoHi is!

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