Fivepoints is located east of Lodo and is one of Denver’s oldest neighborhoods. The general boundaries of Five Points are Park Ave, Downing St, Stout St, Tremont Place. Note: The boundaries between the neighborhoods Curtis Park, Five Points and Ballpark overlap. Fivepoints was founded in the 1860’s and features numerous historic homes and storefronts. This neighborhood served as a requisite stop for many of the world’s premier African American jazz musicians–including Duke Ellington, Charlie Parker, Lionel Hampton, and countless others–who stopped in Denver on their way between midwest and west coast tours to play in Five Points’ clubs and performance halls. Victorian Italianate architecture abounds in this culturally rich neighborhood. Other points of interest in Fivepoints are: Black American West Museum, Blair-Caldwell African American Research Library, Stiles African American Heritage Center, and Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Ensemble Studio.

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“In Denver, Beat Starts to Pick Up in a Once-Thriving Hub for Jazz”

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Photo Courtesy Jeffrey Beall/Flickr