Mollie Sterns

Having gone through a couple different real estate experiences with Liz, I genuinely can’t imagine working with anyone else. First, she was so driven in the search process. It felt like us finding the right home mattered just as much to Liz as it did to us, and knowing we could count on her quick responses and relentless pursuit of viewing times gave us confidence throughout the process. Next, when it was time to make an offer, Liz really honored our goals and objectives in helping us find the right approach. Her advice was spot on, and we don’t think we would have landed where we did without her. Finally — and most importantly to me — Liz was absolutely essential to us in navigating a complex closing process with surprises at every turn. We would so easily have been overwhelmed and likely derailed without Liz’s constant guidance and support. And the number of logistical pieces that she and her team handled for us — whew. Often things were dealt with for us before we even knew they needed to be. On top of all this, Liz also helped us sell our old house, which felt like a breeze from our perspective given all the support from Liz and her team. In general, I just can’t say enough about how good Liz is at her job and how lucky we were to work with her. Anyone would be and I recommend her highly.

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