Highlands BridgeEveryone likes fondue, right?  There’s something about cooking your food at the table that makes you feel like you’re an important part of your meal.  Plus, it’s just fun to see your food cooking right in front of you…when you’re not standing over your own stove, of course.  Kobe An Shabu + Shabu is one of LoHi’s newest, coolest places to watch your food cook at your table. Marco and Michelle Trujillo are a husband-and-wife restaurateur team, and have overhauled the old Little Pepinas building at 34th and Osage in Lohi.  The pair had originally opened another Japanese restaurant in Lakewood named Kobe An.  Recently, they wanted to open up a shabu shabu-style restaurant, and here we are! Like fondu, shabu shabu-style eating is basically cooking at your table.  Shabu shabu means “swish swish”, which is supposed to be the sound of the beef cooking.  Diners get three choices of beef to swish swish with.  They can choose a rib eye, Asped Ridge natural beef, or Snake River Farms American Kobe.  Yum.  The beef is placed into a pot with vegetables and noodles…and cooks.  Then, because that doesn’t sound delicious enough, diners also get family recipe dipping sauces and steamed rice. They also have a vegetarian version, as well as a gluten-free options.  If you’re not in the mood for shabu shabu, or would like other options, they also offer sashimi, other small plates, and specialty sake drinks.  We’ve heard their specialty is the Sakura Cooler with sake, house-made grenadine, cranberry juice, and grapefruit juice. LoHi is booming with new restaurants at the moment.  We’ve talked about Avanti Food & Beverage – a grown-up foodie version of a food court.  There is, of course, Linger in LoHi, as well as so many wonderful little restaurants.  It does seem that the food boom right now is taking well-known concepts and reinventing them (speaking of reinvention, have I mentioned Union Station recently?).  Many of LoHi’s best restaurants are reinventions.  We have Lola, which offers coastal Mexican food, Vita with modern American small plates, and the Ale House at Amato’s, boasting 42 Colorado craft beers.  Linger is housed in an old mortuary (and fully embraces it), while sister restaurant Root Down has brought out the vegetarian in all of us.  Little Man Ice Cream lets us sit and look around the neighborhood for a little while.  Anywhere you turn in LoHi, you will find a new take on an old concept, much like LoHi itself. For information on LoHi and other hot, Denver neighborhoods, please feel free to email me: liz@kentwoodcity.com. Photo Courtesy of JC Buck

By: Liz Richards

What sets Liz Richards apart from your average real estate agent? A tremendous drive to be the BEST in the industry achieved through a devotion to extremely high standards of customer service, a far-reaching referral network, an extensive knowledge of new construction and the remodeling of older homes, and an intense love for and involvement in the Denver real estate market.

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