In Berkeley’s Tennyson Street District, homebuyers see a neighborhood come to life, one corner at a time.


According to an article written by Mark Samuelson in the Denver Post dated 1/3/12 Berkeley’s Tennyson Street District is being resurrected. Mark Samuelson starts the article by introducing Herv Flesher whose parents opened a music store on Tennyson in 1959. There was a five-and-dime next door, a bowling alley down the street, a soda fountain and a café diner. 53 years have passed and the dime store is gone but Flesher-Hinton is still selling saxophones, the bowling alley and Kyle’s Kitchen are doing a trade and a steady flow of new eateries and galleries align the corners from W. 38th Avenue north to W. 44th Avenue.

In the article Flesher remembers that it was very slow in the 80’s compared to now with moms out walking with their kids.

A Denver Real Estate agent in the area quoted a newly built 3 bedroom single family, very contemporary home to be $432,000 in the area. That same agent in the article said the next door home to his comparable sold in less than 30 days and compared the single family home values to duplexes selling in the Highlands for the same price range.

Tennyson Street district is not Berkeley’s only walking shopping district it does include another walking shopping district at 44th and Lowell making this a neighborhood anchored by two shopping districts, galleries, restaurants, and homes priced less than in the Highlands.

The borders of this neighborhood include:
W. 38th Avenue north to W. 46th Avenue and Federal west to Sheridan

Also check out www.TheBerkeleyDistrict.com

By: Liz Richards

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