New Pizzeria Locale in the Highlands #YUM #YAY

pizzeria locale

Image Courtesy of Pizzeria Locale

Coming in October, the Highlands will have another amazing eatery.  Pizzeria Locale will take over the space where Common Grounds used to be, giving the location a brand new vibe.  It’s in a pretty incredible location, too.  Catty corner from Mondo Vino, across the street from Sushi Hai, next door to bang!, and across the street from the Coral Room. It’s smack-dab in the middle of Highlands Square, so you don’t even need to Google map it!

This is the second Denver location of Pizzeria Locale.  The original, full-service style restaurant is in Boulder.  The pizza oven takes up a large space in the prep line that can be seen from anywhere in the restaurant (especially from the sit-up bar), and serves Neapolitan-style pizza, inspired by the traditional pizzerias in Naples, Italy.  The servers are quick to tell you that it has a “wet center,” which is way more appetizing than it sounds.  It’s just not as crispy as the rest of the pizza, which you eat with a fork (the pizza doesn’t come cut).  So you fold the saucy part into the crispy part and you’re in pizza heaven.  Their dough is hand-rolled and their toppings are fresh; there is nothing else like it.  I can easily say it’s my favorite pizza in Colorado (and I’ve had A LOT of pizza).

The two Denver locations are quick-serve style.  It’s a smaller menu, but still awesome.  They have the same hand-rolled dough, same fresh toppings, same yumminess.  The first location is at 6th and Broadway, and the second one at 32nd and Lowell.

Pizzeria Locale is the brainchild of Chef Lachlan Mackinnon-Patterson and Master Sommelier Bobby Stuckey.  Mackinnon-Patterson has cooked all over Europe and the United States.  Stuckey used to be the sommelier at the Little Nell in Aspen and the Wine Director at the French Laundry.  I’m going to guess this guy knows a thing or two about food and wine.  Mackinnon-Patterson and Stuckey paired up to open Frasca Food & Wine in 2003.  Only open for dinner, Frasca has a Zagat rating of 28 (out of 30).  That’s impressive. This restaurant was inspired by the two visiting traditional frascas in Italy, and Pizzeria Locale was born out of that inspiration.

Construction seems to be going well.  They shared a photo on their Facebook page showing the progress of the interior, indicating that they’re trying to preserve as much of the original brick as possible.  This only adds to the growing trend in the Highlands of having new, hip eateries housed in old, historic buildings.  They’re hoping to open in October, but have not yet set an official date.

This is just one of Eater’s list of 15 most anticipated fall restaurant ppenings at the moment.  We’ve talked about a few others, such as Tengu, Mercantile Dining and Provision, and The Griffin.  It seems that every day a new restaurant is popping up; Denver is an amazing place to be a foodie.



By: Liz Richards

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