Hidden Costs Associated with Homeownership

It seems that there are hundreds of blatant costs that come with buying a home. You have the obviously ones, like your mortgage, closing costs, moving costs, etc. And most smart homebuyers go into this whole process feeling prepared and ready for any curve balls that might be thrown at them. But even the savviest of homebuyers may not see some of the most common hidden costs associated with purchasing a home. Below are a few costs that you might not expect, but are a very real possibility.

One of the most common costs that take people off-guard is utility expenses. When you initially move into a place, you may have a general idea of how much it will cost to heat and cool the place. But if you purchase in the summer, the other three seasons might throw you for a loop, especially in Colorado. Some winters are unusually brutal and can cause people to run up a high heating bill, while others are mild and do not require a lot to keep warm. Have some reserve money set aside for utility bills until you are fully knowledgeable about how much it will cost to heat or cool your home year round.

When moving to a different state, city, or even neighborhood, the cost of living can fluctuate greatly. And we are not just talking about your mortgage payment. The cost of common things like groceries, gas, and restaurants can change from mile to mile. Be sure to do your homework and thoroughly examine the area you are thinking of moving to and prepare wisely. There is nothing like breaking your budget with a grocery bill higher than you ever expected.

And while we mentioned above that moving costs seem to be a no-brainer, there are even hidden costs associated with that that could destroy your budget. There is more to take into account than just hiring the movers and truck. Like with most things in life, the small fees can add up. Take into account the cost of fuel, charges for not being ready when the movers arrive, and the long distance drop-off fees. But also keep in mind the small charges that occur once you move in to the house of your dreams. Most people do not unpack their kitchen immediately, so there goes money for eating out until you’re settled, and then the large cost of the first grocery bill. If you didn’t bring hardware and cleaning supplies with you, those can add up quickly too!

There are a lot of costs that go into home buying, but if you are well informed and smart about it, you can help to eliminate some of those surprise, hidden costs and keep to your budget.

By: Liz Richards

What sets Liz Richards apart from your average real estate agent? A tremendous drive to be the BEST in the industry achieved through a devotion to extremely high standards of customer service, a far-reaching referral network, an extensive knowledge of new construction and the remodeling of older homes, and an intense love for and involvement in the Denver real estate market.

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