Glen Sonnenfeld

When I first heard Liz’ name from a co-worker, my house had been listed with another agent for approximately 6 months without much interest in the property and only a handful of showings. My contract was basically expired with the other agent so I called and arranged to meet with Liz to explore her thoughts on assisting me with the sale of my home. Upon meeting with Liz, I quickly felt comfortable with her marketing strategy and planning which enabled me to make informed decisions bout how to proceed. Although my house was in like-new condition, it was also fairly small and was not in an “up and coming” neighborhood. With Liz’ wonderful communication, planned strategy and relentless desire to succeed, my house closed 1 month later. And considering the market state at the time, this seemed very reasonable. Thank you, Liz Richards for a job well done and I will certainly recommend you to anyone looking for real estate assistance.

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