Denver’s Strong Economy Profiled in New Report

The Metro Denver Economic Development Corporation recently published its Metro Denver Economic Profile report, a publication that highlights Metro Denver’s accomplishments in business development and key economic factors. The report is often used as a marketing tool to persuade companies to locate business operations here, but it also reminds us that Denver’s economic conditions continue to grow and prosper when compared to other markets across the country.

Some of the important, and optimistic, highlights mentioned in the report include:
• In 2012, major company headquarters such as Coleman Company (outdoor products) and TriZetto Group (healthcare technology) decided to relocate their headquarters in Metro Denver.
• Forbes ranked Metro Denver fifth among the 25 “Best Places for Business and Careers” in 2012. Criteria for the ranking included costs of doing business, educational attainment, and projected economic growth.
• Metro Denver is a magnet for young, smart, and diverse workers. In fact, the region of 2.9 million people is one of the fastest growing in the country and is the top location for relocating adults ages 25 to 34.
• The City of Denver has one of the largest public parks system of any U.S. city.
• Metro Denver was listed among the Brookings Institution’s nine “Next Frontiers,” or metro areas with the highly educated and diverse population needed to support future growth in a technology and diversity-driven economy.
• Metro Denver students have access to a wide range of higher education options including world-class research institutions, graduate and professional schools, and a broad spectrum of undergraduate programs.
• Metro Denver ranked third among 116 metro areas for smallest decline in median home price between 2010 and 2011.

“Metro Denver has a national reputation as a place that stimulates business. There is continued interest in our region from international and national C-level executives, thanks to our pro-business environment, highly educated workforce, and status as a high-tech hub,” said Tom Clark, CEO of the Metro Denver Economic Development Corporation.

By: Liz Richards

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