Denver’s Revitalization of its Poorest Neighborhoods is in full swing.

Among the Mayor’s future plans for Denver, includes the revitalization and better connection to the city for some of Denver’s outlying and often forgotten neighborhoods. The city has created a plan for the Sun Valley neighborhood which will transform it into a Denver jewel.

Located on Denver’s west side, the Sun Valley neighborhood sits near Sports Authority Field between Federal Boulevard and the South Platte River. Ninety percent of its 1,500 residents live in subsidized housing, where the median household income is only $8,000 a year. Denver’s west side will receive more attention with the expansion of the light rail’s West Rail Line. City planners, along with, the Denver Housing Authority, have spent more than a year creating the Decatur-Federal Station Area Plan, which focuses on the development of the area a half-mile around the station.

The goal is to encourage the current diversity of the neighborhood while reconnecting it with the rest of the city. The city will build a community that is bicycle and pedestrian friendly which draws businesses, as well as residents.

If you’re interested in learning more about this revitalization plan go to: http://www.denverpost.com/ci_23066719/city-plan-looks-revitalize-denvers-poorest-neighborhood

By: Liz Richards

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