Denver’s New Grocery Delivery Service – For When You Inevitably Forget The Eggs

Denver’s New Grocery Delivery Service – For When You Inevitably Forget The Eggs
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Denver has this sweet new grocery delivery service that has dinner party hosts, new moms, and crowded-area residents rejoicing.  Instacart announced that it would expand to our city a few months ago.  I personally find going to the grocery store an absolute chore.  Yes, finding new products is fun and Target is always great, but going to big grocery stores such as King Soopers, Whole Foods, Safeway, or Costco can be annoying.  People and their grocery carts….enough said.  Long lines…really, who likes waiting in line?  The freezing cold freezer aisle…yes, I could just avoid it but ice cream is just so dang good.  As you can see, going grocery shopping is not my favorite thing to do.

So Instacart, a service that will go to King Soopers, Safeway, Costco, and most recently Whole Foods, is pretty much a God-send for me!  I’ve done King Soopers home shop before, but there’s a long wait time.  There were only a few delivery slots open that week, and the closest open delivery slot was four days later.  I probably spent more money because it was way easier to put things in my virtual cart than walk around the store and put them in my cart (geez, I’m starting to sound lazy here).  Four days later, I received my groceries, I must admit – that was pretty cool.  I had everything I wanted for the following week (plus extras) already in my kitchen.  Score!

For some reason though, I’ve never used the home shop feature again.  I don’t know why – time?   Perhaps it takes more planning than just going to the store and walking up and down the aisles; I’m not sure why, but I haven’t.

However, with new-to-Denver Instacart, I just may resume ordering my groceries online.  Getting to order groceries from multiple stores and having the groceries possibly less than 60 minutes later (there are different delivery times and prices) sounds like heaven.

Furthermore, Instacart has just announced that Apple Pay will be compatible with the grocery service.  One more reason to leave that big, bulky wallet at home…or in your purse as you walk to the door to pay for your groceries.

Right now, Instacart covers most of the Denver metro area; it does not cover all of Wheat Ridge, Lakewood, Arvada, Englewood, Aurora or Commerce City.  It does cover Edgewater, though (one MORE reason Edgewater is awesome).  It also covers the North Washington area, Mountain View neighborhood, Sloan’s Lake, South Denver from Sheridan to I-25, south Denver in a zig-zag line from Yale to E. Belleview (check the map for exact locations), East Denver following Havana north, and then up and around Stapleton and the southern part of Commerce City.  Instacart covers everything in between these lines, so Glendale, Downtown, Cherry Creek North, Cherry Creek, Highlands, LoHi, Wash Park, Platt Park, Stapleton, Lowry, and Park Hill; probably more, too.

Another great thing Instacart is doing is adding jobs to our economy. The company is growing rapidly, adding more areas and more stores (it recently added Whole Foods to its list), which means more delivery and more customer service.  We know Colorado is booming with people, and having jobs for them is a concern.  Instacart seems to pay well, too; shoppers make $25 an hour!  If I were still in college I would be all over that job.  Instacart is ensuring that people who need jobs are well-paid.  Bravo, Instacart.

The company’s next move is to add more Whole Foods delivery areas.  Currently only residents in Cherry Creek, Wash Park and Capitol Hill can receive Whole Foods deliveries.  Instacart also wants to add Marczyk Fine Foods, Sprouts, and Tony’s Market to the Denver delivery areas.

I can’t wait to see what other innovations this company has in store!  For delivery service, be sure to check out their website!


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