Denver’s Food Trucks

Denver’s Food Trucks
Food Trucks
Photo courtesy of Baba & Pop’s Kitchen/Facebook

Food trucks are awesome.  The concept is so obvious, it’s almost crazy that only recently they’ve become “a thing”.  I mean, the original food truck came with a catchy tune and frozen treats, and your mom or dad rolling their eyes because they didn’t want to cough up $5 for one cone!  It’s no wonder that food trucks are a big deal now, because we all get that same child-like excitement when we see food in a truck!  Here’s a fun rundown of some awesome food trucks here in Denver:

Baba & Pop’s Kitchen

These guys have what Yelp reviewers say are the very best pierogies in Denver.  They specialize in handcrafted Eastern European food with recipes that have been passed down through their family. We’ve heard their BBQ pierogies are the best, but reviewers say to try everything and you’ll be surprised what you like.  They change their menu up, as well.  For example, on May 2nd they had a Derby Bourbon Chicken Pierogi in honor of the Kentucky Derby – yum!  They usually frequent The Big Wonderful, and have multiple trucks around at different events.  Coincidentally, pierogies are the perfect food to walk around a festival with, for obvious reasons.

5280 Sliders

There’s nothing like a classic burger.  There’s also nothing like mini-food.  So naturally, sliders are just awesome.  5280 Sliders is a mobile old-school burger stand specializing in burgers and burgers only.  (They don’t even do fries!)  They offer five different types of burgers: the classic American slider, the Retro, the Jalapeno Popper, the Double Classic American, and the Cajun BBQ.  They tweet where they are so we can find them throughout the week.  Their website also updates on the home page to a map of where their “Slider Glider” is located at any given time.  They do seem to be at every major event in Denver on the weekends, and then out and about during the week.  This is one we’re definitely going to have to track down soon!

Cilantro Truck

For something a little different, we have Cilantro Truck, a vegetarian option that offers “local, organic and artisan world inspired recipes based around our favorite herb, cilantro!”  They have five menu options: a Southwest Chipotle Bean Burrito, a Zesty-Citrus Quinoa Salad, Spiced Curry Lentils over Bamboo Rice, Sesame-Basil Rice Noodle Stir Fry, and Chipotle Spiced Polenta and Veggies.  They use steam-based cooking without any fats or oils for a more health-conscious approach to food-trucking.  FYI, Steam-based cooking keeps the original enzymes and minerals intact during the cooking process, which usually takes out the benefits of organic produce.  Cilantro Truck’s innovative approach has us hoping that they’re around us soon to try them out!  Their Facebook page has their weekend schedule – be sure to check them out!

Roaming Bull Brasserie

For something completely different and awesome, we have Roaming Bull Brasserie, “Classic European Cuisine with a Modern Twist”.  What caught our eye about this one was the incredible Yelp and Facebook reviewers recommending all sorts of different food combinations, and we knew we had to check them out.  Their menu continually changes based on available ingredients, and their website only shows a sample of what they could have on the menu.  Every day they offer tapas, which could vary from albondigas to crispy Brussels sprouts to fried artichoke hearts.  Their daily menu could offer anything from a mixture of salads, burgers, grilled chicken, to crawfish mac and cheese.  You’ll just have to find them to figure out what they’re offering that day!   Also, this is kind of the coolest thing ever: this spring they debuted a Gelato Bike.  The bike will be around at festivals, near Rockies games, at Jazz in the Park, and basically just around!  It’s a red bike with a big yellow box on the front – and probably in front of a long line. Roaming Bull’s website and Facebook page provide location information so be sure to check them out soon!

Clearly there are many great food trucks to check out, let us know which are YOUR favorites!

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