Denver’s Food Scene is STILL on Fire – Part 2 – LoHi

Denver’s Food Scene is STILL on Fire – Part 2 – LoHi
Photo Courtesy of Avanti F&B/Facebook
Photo Courtesy of Avanti Food & Beverage/Facebook

Denver’s Eater released a new and improved list of the most anticipated restaurants for spring and early summer. There were so many LoHi restaurants on the list (and you know what HUGE fans we are of our neighborhood) that we felt it deserved its very own blog post.  It seems that we talk about how hot LoHi’s food scene is practically every other week, but for good reason; it’s part of what makes LoHi so awesome.  We’re huge fans of walkable neighborhoods and great restaurants; LoHi incorporates both, and it’s only getting better.  Here you’ll find a list of the most anticipated restaurants coming to LoHi for this season and the next!

Recess – 2715 17th St.

We’ve talked about this one on the blog before, but it had to be mentioned again because Recess is my favorite part of the day.  Brought to us by William Frankland and Owen Olson, Recess is opening in the same building as Postino.  Recess is slated to open in late May, with an outdoor space and a small food menu featuring local ingredients (as well as some non-local).  We know now that they’ll offer charcuterie, soups, curry, tap beer and cocktails in a great outdoor area that will have tables, fire pits, and lots of greenery.

Bar Dough – 2227 W. 32nd Ave

From Chef Max MacKissock of the Squeaky Bean, along with Juan and Katie Padro of Highland Tap & Burger, comes a restaurant that focuses on wood-fired pizza, house-made pastas, salads, and roasted meats and vegetables.  This next part is music to my pizza-loving ears: they’ve imported a wood-fired pizza oven from Italy, a Mario Acunto oven.  We love MacKissock’s theory for naming restaurants: naming them for what they are.  You know that when you go to Bar Dough, you’ll get something special to drink and some sort of doughy dish to eat.  Bar Dough plans to open in July.

Avanti Food & Beverage – 3200 Pecos St.

I know, I know, we’ve mentioned Avanti a million times.  There’s just so much information that keeps coming out, and as we get closer to the open date, exciting plans are being finalized and we just have to share them with you.  Plus, Avanti is getting national attention for being innovative and awesome, and we think that’s pretty cool.  If you want to be on the ground floor for something that is helping define Denver’s food scene, keep up with the Avanti news!  Avanti Food & Beverage is brought to us from Patrick O’Neill who founded Choppers Custom Salads, Brad Arguello who co-founded Uber Sausage, and Rob Hahn of GRT, a LoHi real estate investment and development group.  They’re leasing in short term spaces to encourage growth and redevelopment in the long-term spectrum.  This will give Denver residents something to continually look forward to!

Souk Shawarma – 3200 Pecos St (In Avanti)

In the Avanti Building, this Lebanese, build-your-own shawarma shop will open in Late May.  From Jon Robbins of Bisto Barbes, comes this street food inspired shop with roasted meat on a stick, sauces, bread, pickles, etc!  To build your own, you pick a pita, choose either chicken, lamb, or beef, a grain like quinoa, bulgur or rice, put some sauce on it and throw a few pickles on top.  We now know that this restaurant has a 24 month lease and will be located in the upstairs portion of Avanti.

PoCo Tortaria – 3200 Pecos St (In Avanti)

Brought to us from Kevin Morrison of Pinche Tacos, comes PoCo Tortaria.  This concept will feature tortas, a Mexican sandwich.  Anyone who likes a good sandwich knows that a sandwich’s deliciousness is based on the type of bread used.  Bad bread = bad sandwich.  This is why Kevin Morrison is planning on making his bolillo for the tortas from scratch, daily.  He will offer 8 to 10 sandwiches with vegetarian, meat, and seafood options.  He’s discussed adding a dessert option, like Pinche Taco’s churros y chocolate, and we think that would be a very, very good idea.  PoCo Tortaria’s lease will be 12 months long and will be located in the downstairs portion of Avanti.

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