Denver Tops Top Ten Places to Move in US

There are hundreds of reasons why Denver is such a great city to live. Some may love it because of the 300+ days of sunshine and easy access to the great outdoors, while others may be fans of the growing art, music, and food scene. Whatever your reasons may be, you are not alone in your recognition of why this city is so great. In a recent article on HomeownersInsurance.com, Denver claims the spot as the top place to move in the United States.

This list compiles a variety of criteria to judge the ten cities that made the cut. This judgment was made up of five different factors: rent prices, home values, living costs, transportation, and amounts of activities, or fun. Each of the city’s criteria was given a number from 1-10 and the total was tallied. Denver reigned supreme.

Out of the possible ten, both transportation and living costs scored a perfect 10. Those who drive I-25 during rush hour may question this, but compared to Los Angeles or New York traffic (who scored a one and five respectively), we have it easy. Rent prices scored a four, home values scored a five, while fun rounded out the survey with six points. Denver’s total points came in at 35, higher than any other city in the United States. It beat out cities like Charlotte, North Carolina (a close second), Austin, San Diego, and Phoenix.

With the recent news rolling in as overly positive for Denver, those of us who already call it home can sit back and enjoy its rising popularity!

By: Liz Richards

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