The Golden Triangle – Denver’s Awesome Geometric Neighborhood

The Golden Triangle – Denver’s Awesome Geometric Neighborhood

01_1N5A0477-Edit_WEB_XLThe Golden Triangle, in this blogger’s opinion, is one of the coolest neighborhoods in Denver.  First of all, it’s aptly named, as it makes a triangle between Colfax, Speer, and Broadway.  It’s been commonly called “Civic Center” but those who are in the know (including yourself – you’re welcome) know it as the Golden Triangle.

This is actually one of the oldest neighborhoods in Denver, with homes dating back into the late 19th and early 20th centuries.  Mayor Robert Speer completed the Civic Center area between 1904 and 1919, adding Civic Center Park and many of the civil buildings in that area.  He then created Speer Boulevard around the Cherry Creek area, and there we have the Golden Triangle, which is now known for its numerous art galleries (and world-class art collections, the Denver Art Museum, the Clyfford Still Museum, etc.), neo-classic architecture, and restaurants.

There are some new developments in the neighborhood, and some great condos on the market.  I bring you 1140 Cherokee St. #403 in the Trovare condos.  This unit (2 bed/2 bath 1,665 sq. ft, $525,000 – with lots of great upgrades) is filled with light and has the right amount of Spanish charm.  The building is run by a great HOA and definitely worth checking out. Take a look at the listing online for more information & photos.

Because I’m blogging (and hungry), I may as well talk about the food!  There have been numerous restaurant openings lately – let’s take a look at a few of them:

Yura’s Modern Asian Kitchen – newly opened in the Beauvallon, this eatery offers cuisine that ranges from Vietnamese to Thai to Korean.  The décor looks cool and modern. The menu looks pretty typical for an Asian eatery, but judging from the Yelp reviews, it’s delicious.  The menu features chicken wings, house grilled mussels, Vietnamese salad, wonton soup, noodle bowls, pho, stir fry, and basically anything else you’d expect to see on an Asian eatery’s menu…including fried monkey brains.  My favorite!  Just kidding, it’s actually “imitation crab meat and avocado in tempura batter sprinkled with mango”.  ‘A’ for effort, Yura’s.  Nice work.

Charcoal Restaurant – located at 43 W. 9th Ave, on 9th Ave. between Broadway and Acoma.  Charcoal offers European cuisine in brunch (on the weekends), lunch, dinner, and happy hour.  The website states that their restaurant is based on the premise of having fine dining at affordable prices.  They have an extensive wine list and the food looks like it came straight out of “Top Chef” (without the drama).

Chef Patrik Landberg’s “extensive culinary credentials” give Charcoal the fine dining feel, with fresh ingredients that speak for themselves.  The name Charcoal kept making me think that they had some sort of grill, and sure enough, they use a “bincho” grill, which originated in the 8th century throughout Asia, particularly in Japan.  The term “bincho grill” comes from “bincho charcoal” which is refined multiple times, heated to 2,400 degrees, and cures for multiple days.  When done, it burns smokeless-ly at a high temperature and cooks food quickly (all this info comes from their website, I definitely did not already know this, but I do now!).  Charcoal looks super cool and laid back, yet yummy.

Parsley – This new, cute little restaurant offers salads, sandwiches, soups, juices, and delivery.  Score!  I was intrigued by their simple signage with the one long leaf in the name.  The website says that they started out with three tables, six chairs, and serving vegetables juices, scratch soups, and sandwiches.  Most of their ingredients are organic, and they sound like a perfect pick-me-up after touring galleries all morning.  They pride themselves in buying local and  supporting Colorado’s small businesses (and larger ones too – they consider everything and everyone close by to be local).  Their juices look clean and crisp and I’m already planning my next trip to the neighborhood to stop by.

The Golden Triangle is filled with various restaurants, all making up a diverse and exciting mix.  The numerous coffee shops, art galleries, and green space make this neighborhood a great one!

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