Denver Art Museum

The Denver Art Museum is a bold statement in the heart of the capitol. Its geometric shapes and rock crystal inspirations can be seen blocks away, towering over the surrounding streets. And to make an even bigger statement, the architect himself, famous and daring, is shrouded in criticism and questionable design techniques. Daniel Libeskind, known for his bold architectural elements, designed the building with the Rockies as inspiration and with the full support of the Denver Artists’ Club. There is no question that the building is spectacular, but perfect for a museum? That is where the controversy begins. Yes, the angled walls and cantilevered sections are stunning and graphic, but they make hanging art difficult, a problem in an art museum. Some may argue that the building itself is a piece of art and others claim that it focus on form more than function. So we will let you decide for yourself. Whether you like the building or not, the art inside is sure to astound. With galleries ranging from European classics to modernist photography to Pre-Columbian pieces, there is something for every art lover, regardless of how the pieces may be hung.

By: Liz Richards

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