Denver, a Start-up Hub?

The end of Denver’s Startup Week clearly shows that Denver’s less than well know startup scene is on the rise. Learning from its neighbor, Denver is incorporating the most successful ideas from Boulder’s flourishing startup scene to grow their own. Denver also serves as a magnet for creative professionals who have an interest in bringing their bright ideas to the city.

Erik Mitisek, CEO Colorado Technology Association and organizer of Denver Startup Week, explains “The fusion of access to hospitality and tourism/travel industry, near top technology hub – is creating the perfect environment to build…startups.” Startups in the travel industry are seeing the most initial growth but as this environment continues to flourish and be nurtured by the City, Denver will draw more and more of the entrepreneurial energy.

The biggest hurdle for Denver’s startup growth is the lack of “big tech companies to anchor the scene,” says Mitisek. Cities with well know investors are what attracts more investors to support local companies. The startup community in Denver is still small and just getting started but with the full support of the City it will continue to grow.

For more information, visit: http://www.inc.com/welcome.html?destination=http://www.inc.com/jessica-stillman/denver-growing-startup-hub.html

By: Liz Richards

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