Colorado adds 5,100 jobs in month’s time

Colorado ranks third in the nation for month-over-month employment increases, with the addition of 5,100 new jobs between February and March, the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics reported Friday.
Texas was first, with 13,200, and Minnesota was second, with 5,200.
Colorado’s employment growth amounted to 0.2 percent, tying for sixth place with six other states.
The Bureau of Labor Statistics said employment increased in 22 states, decreased in 27 states and Washington, D.C., and was unchanged in one state: Maine. The national employment rate increased to 5.1 percent in March from 4.8 percent in February and 4.4 percent in March 2007.
In Colorado, the jobless rate was unchanged from February at 4.4 percent but increased from 3.7 percent in March 2007.
Colorado ranked fifth among states with “statistically significant employment changes” during the past year, with the addition of 40,400 jobs. The preliminary figures for March 2008, which are seasonally adjusted, show Colorado’s employees on nonfarm payrolls grew to 2.35 million jobs from 2.31 million jobs since March 2007. Of the industry sectors included in the report, only one — covering financial activities — showed a loss in jobs from February. The sector was down by 100 jobs.
Texas had the highest jump in jobs, with another 213,500 added to the rolls, followed by New York, Washington and North Carolina.
The Bureau of Labor Statistics counted Colorado’s civilian labor force ¬– defined as anyone 16 or older who isn’t in prison or the military but is employed or looking for work — at nearly 2.77 million people, up from 2.76 million in February. The ranks of the unemployed increased by 500 to 121,500 in March.

By: Liz Richards

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