Erin and Damian Sorce

When we found out that my husband’s job was going to take us to Denver Colorado, we had all of a two-week vacation during which we had to find a house – we had never been to Denver before and we had never bought a house before! Elizabeth immediately was on the same page as […]

Sarah Coleman

I’ve heard horror stories about looking at hundreds of homes before finding the right one to purchase. I already had an idea in mind of what I wanted and Elizabeth didn’t waste my time trying to show me things that did not fit my criteria. Being a first time buyer already made me nervous and […]

Philip Loper

Whether it’s listing your home or helping you buy, Liz gets the job done quickly, efficiently, and seamlessly. Her talents lie in acute negotiating skills, proactive marketing techniques and creative problem solving. I was a bit nervous to sell my condo after only owning it for 2 years. I definitely knew that I did not […]

Megan & Nick O’Kelly

When we moved to Denver, we wanted to find the perfect house as quickly as possible. Being new to the area, we weren’t sure what the market had to offer or where exactly we wanted to live. Liz patiently and joyfully showed us 100 homes all over metro Denver, and never stopped working for us. […]

Albin Ulle, Apollo Mortgages

My experience with Liz Richards can be summed up as fast and easy. When I bought my first house a few years ago, with another agent, I physically looked at over 100 houses. With Liz I looked at less than 10 and was moved in a month later. Liz has a great talent for being […]

Matt Bliss, Spire Financial

In February of this year I began my search for a new home with Liz Richards. Each of our outings were designed to achieve a goal and helped define the area I wanted to live in and the type of house I wanted. This was crucial based on the fact that I didn’t know what […]

Lindi Campbell

Liz is an extremely dynamic individual with a strong sense of business integrity and customer support. She is myopically focused on doing the “right thing” for her clients which results in quick turn around and high return. That said, after working with Liz in a corporate environment, I did not hesitate to go to her […]

Hillary Olsen Hilliard

Liz is a phenomenal real-estate agent. My husband and I have used her services for two properties we’ve purchased in the past two years. She is fast and timely, efficient, knowledgable of the market, savvy with getting a good value, and fun to work with. There are many agents in town but few with the […]

Jennifer Egbert

Liz and I go way back to before the Real Estate business. We both, ironically worked in the same field for different companies. I am DELIGHTED to be able to call Liz Richards my Denver Referral Agent! She is a DYNAMO, who not only knows the business, she LOVES her job!

Jessica Newman

Liz is one of those people who is truly working in her passions. There is no question that she loves real estate and putting together deals. She’s aggressive for her clients, she works tirelessly for the people she cares about, she’s considerate, she’s artistic and very creative. She has taken the Denver real estate market […]