The Brand New Avanti Building in LoHi

The Brand New Avanti Building in LoHi
Avanti in LoHi
Photo Courtesy of Avanti Food & Beverage

We’ve written before about the Avanti Print & Graphics building at 32nd and Pecos, but it’s worth talking about again and again. As you know, this place is undergoing a major transformation, and comes to us from Patrick O’Neill and Brad Arguello, local restaurateurs.  This “new age food court” will feature seven stand-alone restaurants surrounding a communal dining space.  Diners will be able to pick their table, and then tour all seven restaurants.

Each restaurant is housed in 8’x20’ shipping containers, complete with state-of-the-art commercial kitchens, of course.  All seven eateries have opened and they provide guests with a variety of options:

Brava! Is a Neapolitan style wood-fired pizzeria that uses local ingredients, down to the flour in their dough. The chef even brings ingredients from his own garden.  How’s that for locally grown?

Bixo: Mediterranean and western European cuisine with a Mexican touch.  Serving tapas, this restaurant takes its diners to many different places to experience lunch in a different sort of way.  This eatery wants to give a “lighter and practical approach…with fast, simple and affordable menu du jour” while still keeping with quality ingredients.  Bixo will open in May 2015.

Poco Torteria: From the guy who brought us Pinche Taqueria, Kevin Morrison brings us Poco Torteria, which focuses on a simple idea.  This fast-casual torteria serves tortas, or Mexican sandwiches.  Each torta will come with frijoles colados and will be served on Mexico’s take on baguettes: bolillos.  Poco Torteria seems like it would make an excellent lunch destination!

Quiero Arepas: Venezuelan style arapeas.  An arepa is a corn-based flatbread, formed into a patty, grilled, baked, split open, and stuffed. A little like a pita, but Venezuelan-and bonus: all natural AND gluten free.  The menu changes daily based on the fresh, seasonal ingredients.

Souk Shawarma: From the Levant region, this restaurant will take you to a whole new place!  Souk brings flatbread sandwiches or bowls (with rice, sauces. and pickles) to add to your shawarma. Yum.

Farmer Girl: Farmer Girl is all about local, sustainable ingredients.  From Chef Tim Payne, who brought us Terroir Restaurant, Z Cuisine, and The Tasterie, comes Farmer Girl.  This restaurant focuses on the season, so its menu will constantly change.  The name is inspired by Payne’s farmer wife, who currently manages Duo – how sweet is that?

MiJo: A Japanese-inspired noodle restaurant.  Brought to us by John DePierro and Michael Nevarez from Bonanno Concepts.  They specifically say they are NOT ramen, but instead bringing international noodle and rice dishes.  You can get either a MiJo Udon with broth and thick noodles, or MiJo Rice with steamed rice and sauce.  And fried chicken.  And sushi.

We have so much more to look forward to in the LoHi neighborhood!

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