Boutique Hotel Opening in Union Station!

Named after preservationist Dana Crawford, The Crawford Hotel will bring a new exciting vibe to Union Station.

The hotel’s boutique design and luxurious accommodations were inspired by other high end Denver hotels, namely the Rtiz-Carlton, the Hotel Teatro and Hotel Monanco. The Crawford Hotel will boast 112 rooms in three different styles. On the second floor, guest will be transported back in time by staying in one of the “Pullman” rooms, modeled after the luxury private sleeping cars of old. The third floor, “Classic” rooms, will give visitors an experience of true indulgence with tall ceilings and large window. The former attic space, on the fourth floor, will be transformed into “loft” styled rooms, featuring exposed wood timbers, vaulted ceilings and a more contemporary design.

The hotel will also have 3,000 square feet of meeting space and an additional 22, 000 square feet of retail space below on the main floor. Scheduled to open July 11th, rates are estimated to start around $250.

The $50 million project will have its share of complications, including soundproofing, to keep guests from the nosy activity below in the great hall and the rail lines. Additional obstacles are expected as the City works to preserve and modernize a structure over 100 years old. The impressive design will have to conform to preservation standards while making the design relevant for modern times and future guests.

“The renovation seeks to re-create that sense of a grand public space not only meeting the needs of thousands of commuters passing through but being a destination in its own right”, Crawford said.

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