Big City, Train Boom in US

It is hard to miss the massive renovation that Union Station is currently under. It may be visibly difficult to see what is actually happening in the large pits surrounding the station, but numerous blogs and news articles will tell you that the rail depots and terminals are getting quite the upgrade. And Denver is not the only city making this momentous investment. Throughout the United States, somewhat rundown and underused rail stations are finally getting the attention they deserve. In the early 1900’s, train travel was the best, and cheapest, way to get around the country. And the train stations that housed these popular terminals were architectural gems, invoking various architectural styles and design innovations, as seen by the Los Angeles Union Station. As train travel started to decline, the design of these stations did as well, giving way to bland, and architecturally boring, buildings. A prime example is the Salt Lake City Amtrak Station, a drab box that hardly elicits a second glance. But with the resurgence of train travel, cities are starting to invest in their train stations and give these historic structures a modern finish. The New York Moynihan Station will involve the classic Penn Station and the historical post office next door, while the Washington DC Union Station will add on to the existing station. The historic Seattle King Street Station is getting a major renovation and who can forget about Denver’s own Union Station, with plans to create a new multimodal transportation hub in downtown. This new train boom is paving the way for a different way to travel around the United States, yet maintaining its historic roots.

By: Liz Richards

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