Around the corner: The 7 highs of Denver’s Highlands neighborhood

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The Highlands are hot. Just ask your Realtor friend, Liz Richards. Highland and West Highland are some of the city’s most walkable neighborhoods, with wide sidewalks along tree-lined streets and a fancy pedestrian bridge connecting them to downtown.

Of Denver‘s many vibrant neighborhoods, few have the posh, old-city appeal of the Highlands. With their bountiful restaurants, boutiques, bars and shops, the northwest Denver neighborhoods have grown into a commercial behemoth — and some of the most-desired places for young professionals to hang their purses after a long night of bar-hopping.

here’s a short list of seven favorite corners in the Highlands:

1. West 32nd Avenue and Zuni StreetSignature business: Pasquini’s Highlands, a flashy north Denver location of the venerable local pizzeria. (2400 W. 32nd Ave.)

Local aesthetic: Once a sleepy intersection, this crossroads is now hopping. The mixture of the old (dilapidated Geno’s Liquor) and new (renovated Zio Romolo’s Alley Bar, attached to Pasquini’s) is likable, but something tells us it won’t be long before this is one of the hottest corners in all of Denver.

Don’t miss: The excellent Duo, a lovely and intimate fine-dining experience. (2413 W. 32nd Ave.)

2. West 36th Avenue and Tejon Street
Signature business: Lechuga’s Italian Restaurant, an old-Denver staple with legendary cannolis called “Devils” and a back lounge straight out of “The Sopranos.” (3609 Tejon St.)

Local aesthetic: Nestled amid this quiet residential block are a couple of hot spots for take-out — but don’t overlook the 100-year-old red-brick Fire House No. 7 on the corner. Dubbed the Firehaus, the old structure is now a stylish hair salon. (3600 Tejon St.)

Don’t miss: Tamales by La Casita’s dining room has zero personality, but its food — namely its namesake dish — is among the best in town. (3561 Tejon St.)

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By: Liz Richards

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