You should understand how we, the professional real estate brokers at LIV Sotheby’s, are compensated for our services to our clients.

When working for you, we are investing our time to help you sell or acquire a property. Time is our greatest commodity. We receive no salary. Rather we receive only a portion of the commission paid to LIV Sotheby’s when your transaction has closed and the title has been transferred. If you do not close, we receive no fees, no matter how much work was done or how much money was invested in working for you.

After closing occurs, the real estate commission is divided. The first division is between the real estate companies participating in the transaction. Then the portion received by LIV Sotheby’s is divided with part being kept by the company and the remainder paid to the closing agent.

Out of their portion, LIV Sotheby’s, like all companies, must pay taxes, rent, utilities, and other business overhead. We professional sales associates, like all independent contractors, have expenses and overhead as well. We each pay our share of federal income taxes, self-employment tax, postage, computers, telephone bills, and if we have an assistant to help us take better care of you, their FICA taxes and other expenses.

We feel some of our most important expenditures are those to properly promote and market your property.

Here at LIV Sotheby’s, we continually strive to provide you with the highest quality professional services. Your loyalty to us is highly regarded. If you are satisfied with our work, the truest way to show your appreciation is to refer your friends and family to us so we can provide them with the services you have enjoyed. It is the ultimate compliment and evidence of your gratitude.

Your loyalty and business are appreciated.


Liz Richards

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